Design Thinking Experience is a course that will give you a broad understanding of the principles of design thinking and its main tools to enhance innovation in business.

You will experience the Design Thinking approach through two projects guided by real challenges and will learn how to find solutions by bringing the human being to the centre of decision-making.

Learn how startups and largest organisations in the world create innovative products, services and experiences by putting the human being at the core of their decisions.

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Juliana Proserpio

Echos Chief Designer

Officer & Founder

Ricardo Ruffo

Echos CEO & Founder

Check out the complete journey of the course:

download the syllabus

Besides learning Design Thinking and applying it in practice, you will have access to the most modern tools to work remotely on your innovation projects.

download the syllabus
  • Learn from experienced facilitators
  • 8 meetings of up to 3 hours, all live
  • Echos Certificate
  • Access to the global network of innovators at Echos, with thousands of people around the world.
  • Access to the platform for 6 months
  • Access authorial Echos content and tools for the entire journey

Echos is a desirable futures lab driven by design. We have been working for more than ten years to transform realities by applying tools and the design mindset at the intersection between business and people.

Echos Desirable Futures Lab

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