At Echos, we understand the power of imagination

Design Fiction is a storytelling artifact that motivates people's imagination to get closer and relate to certain realities through the emotion of protagonism of discovering new possibilities.

In this ebook you will read:
- When did we start designing futures?
- What is Design Fiction?
- How does Design Fiction work?
- Design Fiction in Practice: how Echos created Heloísa's story in 2015 and how this fictional narrative helped the company go global

Learn more about what this fiction tool applied to design futures is and how it works, and also check out the Echos Design Fiction case. Learn how our team co-created a story in 2015 representing Echos in 2025 and how this narrative is coming true.

Welcome to your next futures! Have a good reading.

Echos is a lab for desirable futures, which has been working for ten years to transform realities by applying tools and the design mindset at the intersection between business and people.

Echos Desirable Futures Lab

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