Design Thinking Experience

a platform to become an innovation leader_


Design Thinking Specialisation - first launched overseas in 2013 - is Echos’ most popular course. As a specialisation, it goes deeper into design thinking and empowers people to become leaders in innovation, design thinking and creativity.


It is a platform that enables people to develop their creative confidence through a hands-on learning approach. You will be able to apply your knowledge to challenges in big corporations, in social business or in an entrepreneurial way.


Design Thinking Specialisation is the perfect course for business leaders, innovators, entrepreneurs and classical designers who wish to become leaders in innovation by promoting change in their organisations.

Be bold, stay fresh and if you want to become an innovation and design leader, join us.


What you'll find in this syllabus:

  • The program

  • Learning outcomes

  • Why is our course different

  • Coordinators and guest teachers

  • Course calendar


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