A series of webinars we did to warm up the conversation about design leadership in our community.

We discuss:

  • Biggest learnings from Design Leadership Season 1 (4 sessions)

  • Multiple Perspectives on how to articulate the value of Design in your organization (2 sessions)

  • Leadership in Design and Diversity - Why talking about it is always important (1 session in Portuguese)

  • Career and Design Leadership (1 session in Portuguese)

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Design Leadership is a 12 week program for those wanting to continue developing their leadership skills. Experience how creative leaders, innovation leaders and design leaders excel when they bring clarity and vision. Learn how they articulate the design space within their organisation, how they get the best out of their team, and above all, how they bring unique ideas to life and go to the last mile of design. 

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Echos is a global innovation lab driven by design. Our mission is to foster the new generation of innovators and innovations worldwide. We believe design has the power to transform realities and build desirable futures.

Since 2011 Echos has been developing learning experiences and consulting projects for people and organisations, accelerating the construction of what is technically challenging, financially scalable and, above all, desirable for people.

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