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You have a lot of information, but what’s your point of view?

Point of View is one of the most challenging moments of a project. After gathering a large sum of data and insights, it is time to rewrite the challenge using the knowledge created by the research phase. It is a moment for organising and navigating in this complexity. The need for convergence in this step is proportional to the need for divergence in the phases that preceded this one.

The Design Thinking Toolkit Chapter 6 is here to give you the step-by-step on how come up with a Point of View in your Design Thinking journey.


       4 July - Part 1: Introduction + Summary 
      11 July - Part 2: Process
      18 July - Part 3: Design Challenge  
      25 July - Part 4: Understanding
      1 August - Part 5: Research
      8 August - Part 6: Point of View (today!)
      15 August - Part 7: Ideation 
      22 August - Part 8: Prototyping 
      29 August - Part 9: Testing & Iteration 
      5 September - Part 10: What’s next? 


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